2016 Baseline Release

최신 Baseline의 새로운 기능

Baseline 릴리스 노트를 다운로드하실 수 있습니다. 각 버전의 변경 사항 및 새로운 기능에 대해서는 다음의 링크를 참조하십시오.

Analog/Mixed-Signal Simulation and SPICE Device Modeling

제품 설명 버전
SmartSpice Parallel SPICE simulator 4.44.3.R
SmartSpice Pro Fast Circuit Simulator 4.44.3.R
SmartSpice RF Frequency and Time Domain RF Circuit Simulator 4.44.3.R
SmartView Waveform viewer and simulation analysis 2.34.11.R
Utmost IV Device characterization and SPICE modeling 2.11.0.R
TechModeler Device modeling for new technologies using only device behavior 2018.1.0.R
Spayn Statistical parameter and yield analysis tool for models and tests 2.14.0.R
VarMan Variation-aware design solution 2020.1.4.R

Custom IC CAD

제품 설명 버전
Gateway Hierarchical schematic editor 3.8.10.R
Expert Hierarchical IC layout editor 4.18.28.R
Guardian Physical verification of layout networks with DRC/LVS 4.10.16.R
Hipex Full-chip parasitic extraction 3.6.16.R

Digital CAD

제품 설명 버전
Silos Verilog simulator 4.16.17.R
HyperFault Verilog IEEE-1364-2001 compliant fault simulator 4.16.17.R
AccuCell Cell characterization and modeling 3.0.12.R
AccuCore Block characterization, modeling and STA 3.0.7.R
Spider Netlist-to-GDSII place-and-route design flow 1.8.3.R

Parasitic Extraction

제품 설명 버전
Clever RC extractor for realistic 3D structures 3.11.24.R
Exact Full-chip LPE rule file generator 2.20.3.R
Quest 3D RF passive device modeling 2.0.10.R

Extracted Netlist Analysis and Reduction

제품 설명 버전
Jivaro RCLK parasitic reduction for post-layout netlist 5.9.24

Power Integrity Signoff

제품 설명 버전
Invar EM/IR, thermal reliability and power integrity analysis 1.14.0


제품 설명 버전
Victory Process 3D process and stress simulator 7.46.3.R
Victory Device 3D device simulator 1.16.0.R
Victory Mesh Mesh integration between process and device or interconnect tools 1.6.5.R
Athena 1D and 2D process and stress simulator 5.22.3.R
Atlas Device simulation of material-based devices 5.30.0.R
Virtual Wafer Fab Perform Design of Experiments (DOE) and optimization experiments 2.12.22.R
DeckBuild Create, edit and run TCAD simulation input files 5.2.8.R
DevEdit Ceates and edit mesh structures for 2D or 3D simulators 2.8.26.R
MaskViews Layout editor for GDS2 or Silvaco’s layout format 3.2.26.R
TonyPlot Visualization tool for 1D and 2D TCAD structures 3.10.24.R
TonyPlot 3D Visualization tool for 3D data from TCAD and parasitic extraction 3.10.65.R
Radiant Design software for optoelectronic thin film devices 1.4.0.R